Private Villa vs Hotel

Why a private villa?

Holiday makers are looking for different and flexible holidays. Peace, quiet and relaxation are priceless commodities, especially on your holidays.

When you want to completely relax and get far away from the crowds there’s really only one choice a private holiday villa. With no noisy neighbours, holiday reps or room service to contend with, relaxation is total and your options unlimited.

In comparison, the all-inclusive resorts are noisy and impersonal. Hotels are very limiting and crowded. Holiday villas on the other hand offer flexibility, a better lifestyle, value for money and more enjoyable holidays.

Imagine a family of four, two adults and two children, staying together in a hotel room. Two double beds with little room between them, a small balcony and just one bathroom. Sounds like a relaxing holiday?

Now imagine the same family staying in a villa with a private pool, with five bedrooms, a full kitchen, separate private bathrooms, two large living areas, games room and private enclosed pool. It’s a home from home with all the comforts you’d expect – and all the elements for a relaxing holiday.

The increasing popularity of low cost airlines has enabled flights to become cheaper than ever, making holiday villa rentals a popular and practical alternative to package holidays. 

Top 10 reasons to rent a villa rather than stay in a hotel

A Holiday Villa is Much Larger Than a Hotel Room

A holiday villa is much larger than a hotel room. It offers private pool deck, two seatings areas, five separate bedrooms including a fully equipped kitchen. Space to share and space to be yourself add up to a relaxing holiday.

Holiday Villas Are Cheaper

Holiday villas have lower running expenses and other over-heads than larger accommodation facilities. Considering the space and amenities available, holiday villas offer great value for money. The price per person can be as low as $100 per week in high season for a good quality villa.

Comparing Costs of Eating Out

In a hotel, average $30 each. In a restaurant, average $20 each. Cook it yourself in your own kitchen, you’d be pushed to spend $30 for four people, average $7.50 each. For a family of four for a week, staying in a villa can save you over $350.

Freedom To Make Your Own Choices

A holiday villa gives you the freedom to make your own choices about flights, car hire and park tickets. Shop around for the best deals and choose the most convenient flight times. Value, choice and comfort are yours when you stay in a holiday villa.

Holiday Villas Are More Private

No scrambling for sun loungers or sharing a pool with others. Enjoy the private pool in complete privacy. Sleep at any time of day or night without being disturbed by other guests passing your hotel door. Enjoy the freedom to do as you please without disturbing anyone else

Make Your Holiday Special & Relaxing

Holiday villas will have the conveniences to make your holiday special and relaxing. Our villa include digital HD TV, air-conditioning, fully equipped kitchen with dishwashers / washing machine / tumble dryer, breathtaking views, private swimming pools and internet access. Plus the space, freedom and flexibility one can only get in a holiday home.

Don’t Fancy Cooking?

Don’t fancy cooking? In a holiday villa you have the freedom to order takeaway meals to enjoy at your leisure.

Practical Accommodation Choice for Families & Friends

Holiday villas are a very suitable and practical accommodation choice for families, friends, reunions, destination weddings, long term holidays and generally for any group of people who want to stay together during their holidays. A holiday villa can make a great reunion meeting place for family and friends who live in different parts of the world.

For The Kids

A holiday villa is perfect for young children as eating out regularly can be difficult and costly with young children. In a holiday villa one has the best of both worlds.

Children Friendly

Holiday villas are family friendly and young children can play safely. We provide cots, highchairs, safety gates, inflatable toys and many other items for a family friendly holiday in a private villa.